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Free eBanking

Our free eBanking is available 24/7/365 on your smartphone, tablet or computer. An English version is available.

You save time, because you do not have to stand in line at the bank. You save money, because eBanking is free of charge.

eBanking gives you an overview of your transactions. You can check your balance, transfer money (also abroad) and pay your bills. On the computer, you can also buy and sell shares.
Some functions, such as transfers abroad and the buying and selling of shares, however, may include a small fee.

How to get eBanking

To register for eBanking, call or email your adviser at your local branch.

After we have received your application, we will send you an agreement to sign.

eBanking is available for iPhone and Android.

With Mobile Pay you can easily and safely transfer money from your phone - you will find the app at Google Play and App Store.

Daily living will be easier with a budget account supported by direct debit, a free automatic payment of all frequent monthly and/or annually fixed expenses. The bills are automatically paid on the last accepted payment date.
Boligkøb - den første gang


Webinar: Boligkøb - den første gang

Tilmeld dig vores webinar, hvor vi klæder dig godt på til dit første boligkøb.

Skift fra NemID til MitID


Har du ikke MitID endnu?

Har du ikke fået skiftet fra NemID til MitID, så se her, hvordan du gør.

Webinar: Skal du beholde dit nuværende realkreditlån eller ej?


Webinar: Skal du beholde dit nuværende realkreditlån eller ej?

Tilmeld dig vores webinar og hør, hvad dine fordele er ved at omlægge dit boliglån til et andet.

Ny Netbank og Mobilbank


Ny net- og mobilbank

Du har fået en ny privat mobil- og netbank i Sparekassen Kronjylland. I løbet af maj og juni bliver adgangen til gammel mobilbank lukket for alle privatkunder.