New to Denmark?

If you are new in Denmark, you might need to adapt to numerous things. We have chosen a few subjects that might be of interest to you.

About living in Denmark in general
You will find useful information at

There are numerous communities on the internet for foreigners living in Denmark:
International Community - driven by Region Midt, the region of middle Jutland.

CPR-number (personal identification number)
Living in Denmark, you are obligated to have a Central Registration Number. Keep your CPR-number in a safe place and do not share it with anyone. Your CPR-number is your key to public service in Denmark.  Read more about CPR-number

Obtain NemID via online banking
If you become a customer with us and make an online banking agreement, you can receive your NemID at our branch. Read more about NemID

One of your accounts, normally your salary account, is used as NemKonto. A NemKonto is used for money transfers from public authorities, insurance companies, etc. Read more about NemKonto

Skat (tax)
All citizens utilize the public sector in some way, so all citizens must help pay for it. Read more about Skat (tax and taxation)

App for android and iPhone
From Google Play or the App Store, you can download the app “Move to DK”.