We offer advice about insurance for you, your family and your property.

Household content insurance: This covers all contents and valuables in case of fire or burglary. All electronics under 4 years of age can be insured in case you damage it yourself.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance covering the whole world comes standard with the household content insurance. The travel insurance covers expenses such as hospital admission and worldwide home transport.

Car insurance: This covers your liability for any damage caused by you to other vehicles as well as damage to your own vechicle. Accident coverage protects against individual accidents as well as windshield damage and parking damages where the person responsible is not known.

Ownership insurance on real estate purchase: This insurance covers expenses to rectify errors and omissions in the building as well as illegal installations and devices in the home.

Homeowners insurance: Covers damages caused by water, fire, storm etc.

Accident insurance: This protects agains any damages to any household family members caused by a sudden incident that leads to permanent injury. Dental damage and chewing damage is included.


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