Purchasing real estate

Sparekassen Kronjylland assist you throughout all the stages of purchasing real estate so that you can purchase your home in Denmark worryfree.

Advice before purchasing

Before you buy real estate, it is important to have an overview of what it costs to own and live in your own home in Denmark. We help you with your budget, which includes expenses such as property tax, insurance, heating, electricity, water, and sewage and expenses regarding home improvements and repairs.

Based on your income and the calculated budget for your expenses, we are able to determine how much real estate you can afford. This enables you to proceed with viewing appropriate housing options.

Sparekassen Kronjylland helps you with all financing and insurances.

Advice during purchasing

Once you have found the real estate you wish to purchase, we will handle all the practicalities. We will contact the real estate broker and a lawyer and we will keep you informed during the process so that you are constantly updated.

We also take care of all the practical work connected with the loan pay out and payment to the seller.

Advice after purchasing

After the purchase, we continue to monitor your finances and inform you of any changes in the interest rate that might be financially advantageous to you.

General information about purchasing real estate

There are many considerations prior to the purchase of real estate. The process is often long and involves many decisions along the way. We help you through the whole process and explain all your options so you can make informed financial decisions.

Debit and credit card

Through your salary account, you will have the option of applying for a Dankort, Visa/Dankort and/or a Mastercard (Standard, Gold or Platinum). The Dankort is free, whereas the other cards charge a small annual fee.

Dankort is the most common payment card in Denmark. It is a debit card that you can use in almost any store, restaurant and on the internet. The card is free.

You can combine the Dankort with a VISA card, so you have a debit card that can be used in most countries.

You can also apply for a Mastercard. Depending on your credit limit, daily withdrawal and insurance, you can choose between Standard, Gold or Platinum Mastercard. 


Lost/stolen cards
In the event your card is lost, you must immediately call 87 62 32 62 during normal business hours to block your card.

Should you discover unauthorized payments on your card or you suspect that others have access to your card, you must call to have your card blocked immediately.

During normal business hours, call: 87 62 32 62
Outside normal business hours: Call Nets on 44 89 29 29.


NemID – your digital key

When you come to Denmark and receive a social security number, you must setup a NemID.

This login is your connection to eBanking, public online self-service; the tax service, your pension or your insurances.

With NemID you logon exactly the same way anywhere. You can set up NemID through us, or through the municipality seller on borger.dk.



Your private finances

We will assist you with setting up a budget, setting up the appropriate accounts and establishing regular transfer of funds and automatic direct debit.

The use of our free eBanking provides you with a quick update of your balance, payments and overall status of your finances.

Your finances are more than just the daily payments. You can contact us about purchasing real estate or buying a new car. We will help you with your investments, advise you regarding pension and insurance plans and, above all, make sure that you have the full overview of your finances.

Required Government-Issued Documentation

To setup an account for you, we require copies of the following information:

  • Identity documentation (passport, drivers license with photo id)
  • Health insurance card (Danish health card with your address)
  • Danish CPR-number

We can copy your passport, driver’s license and health card in the branch.

Free accounts

With Sparekassen Kronjylland it is free to setup and have an account.

Salary account

You will get a salary account with an attached Dankort (a debit card you can use at all ATMs and at most stores in Denmark).

The Dankort is free, but we also recommend that you apply for a VISA/Dankort, which costs 198 DKK per year.

Additional cards, such as Mastercard, can also be linked to your salary account.

Your salary is transferred to your salary account and from this account you pay for your daily living, such as food, clothing, gifts and pleasures. We recommend that you set up a budget account and/or a savings account.

Budget- and savings account

A budget account provides a detailed overview of your income, expenses and payment dates to en sure that all bills are paid on time.

Some expenses such as rent and mobile phone, are paid monthly, whereas others are paid every 3 months, every 6 months, or once a year. Every time you receive your salary, a pre-determined amount will be transferred from your salary account to your budget account to match your annual expenses. This ensures there will always be enough money in your account to pay the bills.

We also recommend that you make a deposit to a savings account every month to cover unexpected expenses, holidays, etc.

We will help you set up a budget, the necessary accounts, and establish the various transfer of funds between accounts.

With eBanking you are always up to date and just a click away from your adviser should you need to review your accounts.

Insurance and Pension

Pension and insurance are two sides of the same coin. The insurance is a safety net for you and your family while you are in your working age.


In Denmark, we have a public financed social safety which guarantees a certain income. To maintain an average standard of living after retirement or in case of loss of job capability, however, most people take out insurance with additional coverage. We can inform you of insurances that provides financial safety to you and your family in case of death or loss of job capability.


With a pension plan, you can choose to receive regular installments or a lump sum the day you retire. There are different options with different advantages:
•    Age saving plan - paid out as a one-time payment or in smaller payments over a period of up to 15 years after retirement.   
•    Installment pension plan - paid out in installments for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 25 years after retirement.
•    Life-long annuity - paid out for the duration of your life after retirement.


Free eBanking

Our free eBanking is available 24/7/365 on your smartphone, tablet or computer. An English version is available.

You save time, because you do not have to stand in line at the bank. You save money, because eBanking is free of charge.

eBanking gives you an overview of your transactions. You can check your balance, transfer money (also abroad) and pay your bills. On the computer, you can also buy and sell shares.
Some functions, such as transfers abroad and the buying and selling of shares, however, may include a small fee.

How to get eBanking

To register for eBanking, call or email your adviser at your local branch.

After we have received your application, we will send you an agreement to sign.

eBanking is available for iPhone and Android.

With Mobile Pay you can easily and safely transfer money from your phone - you will find the app at Google Play and App Store.

Daily living will be easier with a budget account supported by direct debit, a free automatic payment of all frequent monthly and/or annually fixed expenses. The bills are automatically paid on the last accepted payment date.







We offer advice about insurance for you, your family and your property.

Household content insurance: This covers all contents and valuables in case of fire or burglary. All electronics under 4 years of age can be insured in case you damage it yourself.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance covering the whole world comes standard with the household content insurance. The travel insurance covers expenses such as hospital admission and worldwide home transport.

Car insurance: This covers your liability for any damage caused by you to other vehicles as well as damage to your own vechicle. Accident coverage protects against individual accidents as well as windshield damage and parking damages where the person responsible is not known.

Ownership insurance on real estate purchase: This insurance covers expenses to rectify errors and omissions in the building as well as illegal installations and devices in the home.

Homeowners insurance: Covers damages caused by water, fire, storm etc.

Accident insurance: This protects agains any damages to any household family members caused by a sudden incident that leads to permanent injury. Dental damage and chewing damage is included.


New to Denmark?

If you are new in Denmark, you might need to adapt to numerous things. We have chosen a few subjects that might be of interest to you.


The current interest rate is historically low allowing little gain in having your money placed in a deposit account. Therefore, it makes good sense to consider the alternatives, such as investing in shares, bonds or unit trusts.

Investing in a sensible combination of shares, bonds or unit trusts could easily yield better revenue than the interest rate on a cash account.

It is not necessary to invest a fortune. Even small amounts of money can benefit from being invested.

We can lead you to higher revenue with simple investment solutions. Come and speak with one of our advisers.

Do you prefer to do it


We can do it


We can do it

for you

You can buy and sell Danish

and foreign shares and bonds via eBanking

Have regular contact with one of
our investment advisers
We mix shares and bonds
especially for you

Your bank in Denmark

Sparekassen Kronjylland make it easy for you. We give you advice and guidance on your finances and we set up accounts. You will have access to free eBanking and Mobile banking and you will get the cards you need to make daily living easy and effortless.

With us, you can discuss long-term planning regarding pension, investment, insurance and the purchase of real estate. Should you need a car, you can choose to buy or lease - we will find the best solution for you.

With us it is free to set up and have an account and you only pay for the services you need.

We are ready to assist you with whatever you need:

  • Accounts for you and your family
  • eBanking and Mobile banking
  • Transferring funds to your current accounts abroad
  • Advice on your daily personal finances
  • Automatic payment options                             
  • Purchasing real estate
  • Buying or leasing a car
  • Advice on accounts for savings and investment
  • Advice regarding pension and life insurance
  • Personal insurance and insurance on car, home and possessions
  • We ensure a professional and effective process focused on your situation which allows you to become comfortable with your private finances while in Denmark

You can visit one of our branches or you can call or write: sparkron@sparkron.dk.
You can also fill in the form below – and we’ll contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards
Your bank in Denmark
Sparekassen Kronjylland

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Loan and overdraft credit

Should you wish to purchase real estate or a vehicle, we can handle all the financing. When it comes to real estate credit, we process loans through Denmark’s biggest real estate credit institution, Totalkredit. Loans for vehicle purchases can be made with us or leased through our cooperation partner.

Should you require overdraft credit as part of your daily economy, this can be attached to your salary account and/or your budget account.

Before we grant a loan or an overdraft credit we evaluate your credit to review your income, total amount of savings, and your budget.


Call us or send us your contact details

If you want us to help you, you can either call one of our branches. Or you can send us your contact details in the form below.

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Sparekassen Kronjylland assists you with planning your savings, so you receive optimum. This could be transferring a certain amount to a savings account every month or it could be how your savings should be invested – in unit trusts, bonds or shares.

Through eBanking, you can explore various investments. You can also receive advice and guidance from one of our investment advisers.